To Be Continued

We all love a good story. Perhaps that’s what draws us to Christmas. Few stories can rival the story of Jesus, especially the Christmas chapter. It’s an ancient story, but it continues on: an ancient story with unwritten chapters.

Sometimes we look at chapters of our lives (especially the hard ones) and we begin to think, “That’s my whole story. That’s the story of my life.” But what if Christmas was not meant to be a mere annual celebration but an ongoing story? What if your story is contained in the unwritten chapters of the Christmas story?

Join us for Christmas at Calvary Tyrone as we explore Christmas… to be continued.

Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 24,  7:00 PM

*There is no regular Sunday morning service on December 22 or December 29.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

At Calvary Tyrone, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment.  The Christmas celebration features a full band, carol singing, candles for Silent Night, a message of encouragement from the Bible, and free coffee (or tea or hot cocoa)!

There will be cookies and savories served after the service. 

Can I come if I'm ......?

Fill in the blank with whatever fear you have about not being accepted: divorced, single parent, broke, an addict, bi-racial, a skeptic, etc. You are welcome at Calvary.

What about our kids?

Christmas is better with family and that’s why our Christmas services are designed for the whole family.  Activity packets will be provided for children attending with family.

What do I wear?

We’re pretty relaxed at Calvary.  Some people may get dressed up for Christmas, so if that’s you, go for it!  Otherwise, just come in what you’d wear to Christmas with your family.

Where do I park?

You are welcome to park on the street in front of the church, or in the parking lot by Gardner’s Ice Cream Shop.

Is your building handicap accessible?

Yes! We have no stairs at all in our building!


1062 Pennsylvania Ave.

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